Volume 54 (2010)


Call for papers Nils-Georg Asp

Review Articles

Assessment of health claims, content, and safety of herbal supplements containing Ginkgo biloba Heidi P. Fransen, Sylvia M.G.J. Pelgrom, Barbara Stewart-Knox, Dries de Kaste, Hans Verhagen

Invited Review Articles

Original Articles

Evaluation of a digital method to assess evening meal intake in a free-living adult population Anne Dahl Lassen, Sanne Poulsen, Lotte Ernst, Klaus Kaae Andersen, Anja Biltoft-Jensen, Inge Tetens
Economic valuation of the potential health benefits from foods enriched with plant sterols in Canada Collin L. Gyles, Jared G. Carlberg, Jennifer Gustafson, David A. A. Davlut, Peter J.H. Jones
Nutrient density of beverages in relation to climate impact Annika Smedman, Helena Lindmark Månsson, Adam Drewnowski, Anna-Karin Modin Edman
Increasing doses of fiber do not influence short-term satiety or food intake and are inconsistently linked to gut hormone levels Holly J. Willis, William Thomas, Alison L. Eldridge, Laura Harkness, Hilary Green, Joanne L. Slavin
Objective and quantitative definitions of modified food textures based on sensory and rheological methodology Karin Wendin, Susanne Ekman, Margareta Bülow, Olle Ekberg, Daniel Johansson, Elisabet Rothenberg, Mats Stading
Body fat and dairy product intake in lactase persistent and non-persistent children and adolescents Ricardo Almon, Emma Patterson, Torbjörn K. Nilsson, Peter Engfeldt, Michael Sjöström
The effect of fibre amount, energy level and viscosity of beverages containing oat fibre supplement on perceived satiety Marika Lyly, Nora Ohls, Liisa Lähteenmäki, Marjatta Salmenkallio-Marttila, Kirsi-Helena Liukkonen, Leila Karhunen, Kaisa Poutanen
Nutritient intake of young children with Prader-Willi syndrome Marianne Lindmark, Kerstin Trygg, Kaja Giltvedt, Svein O. Kolset
Salt content in canteen and fast food meals in Denmark Lone Banke Rasmussen, Anne Dahl Lassen, Kirsten Hansen, Pia Knuthsen, Erling Saxholt, Sisse Fagt

Letters to the Editor


The definition of dietary fiber - discussions at the Ninth Vahouny Fiber Symposium: building scientific agreement John F. Howlett, Victoria A. Betteridge, Martine Champ, Stuart A.S. Craig, Agnes Meheust, Julie Miller Jones

Current topic

Whole grain for whom and why? Wenche Frølich, Per Åman