Volume 45 (2001)

Review Articles

Obesity treatment: An overview with a dietary perspective Anna Karin Lindroos, Jarl S:son. Torgerson
Influencing adherence to physical activity behaviour change in obese adults Erik Hemmingsson, Angie Page, Kenneth Fox, Stephan Rössner


Guidelines and conditions for use of health claims in Denmark Heddie Mejborn, Lars Ove Dragsted, Jørn Dyerberg, Bente Koch, Morten Poulsen, Ellen Trolle, Lars Ovesen
Health effects of probiotics and prebiotics A literature review on human studies Henrik Andersson, Nils-Georg Asp, Åke Bruce, Stefan Roos, Torkel Wadström, Agnes E. Wold

Original Articles

Vegetable and fruit consumption and its determinants in young Finnish adults Tea Lallukka, Marjaana Lahti-Koski, Marja-Leena Ovaskainen
A comparative study of food intake between Lithuanian and Swedish middle-aged men: the LiVicordia study Birgitta Elwing, Carin Kullberg, Zita Kucinskiene, Marianne Björegren, Algis Abaravicius, Margareta Kristenson
The role of milk in Swedish pre-school children's diet Hanna Sepp, Yngve Hofvander, Lillemor Abrahamsson
Dietary habits of Swedish adult coeliac patients treated by a gluten-free diet for 10 years Susanne Grehn, Karin Fridell, Margaretha Lilliecreutz, Claes Hallert


Are foods bearing health claims medicinal products? Patrick Coppens, Marlene Bijlsma, Neville Craddock, Inneke Herreman, Eva Hurt, Yves Le Bail-Collet, Peter Loosen