Volume 44 (2000)

Review Articles

Preoperative nutrition therapy - novel developments Olle Ljungqvist, Jonas Nygren, Jonatan Hausel, Anders Thorell
The best start for infants and young children in the WHO European Region Rachel Elsom, Kim Fleischer Michaelsen, Lawrence T Weaver
Methodological issues in the assessment of satiety Barbara E. Livingstone, Paula J. Robson, Robert W. Welch, Amy A. Burns, Martin S. Burrows, Caroline McCormack
Food additatives. Use, intake and safety Nils-Gunnar Ilbäck, Leif Busk

The Gunnar Levin Lecture

Appetite regulation - does it exist? Charlotte Erlanson-Albertsson

Original Articles

Estimation of daily intake distribution of flavonols and flavanones in Denmark Ulla Justesen, Pia Knuthsen, Niels Lyhne Andersen, Torben Leth