Volume 43 (1999)

Review Articles

Nutritional management in cystic fibrosis Malin Garemo, Birgitta Strandvik
Folates - food sources, analyses, retention and bioavailability Cornelia M Witthöft, Karin Forssén, Lena Johannesson, Margaretha Jägerstad

The Gunnar Levin Lecture


Original Articles

The accuracy of estimating calcium, sodium and potassium intake with a food record Kirsti Uusi-Rasi, Mikael Fogelholm, Arja Nenonen, Matti Pasanen
Effects of fasting or a vegetarian diet on subjective ratings of appetite and mood during strenuous physical activity Stephan Rössner, Britta Hylander, Anna Hägg, Louise Dye, Claire Lawton, Neil King, John E Blundell