Volume 52 (2008)

Review Articles

Physical activity increases bone mass during growth Magnus K. Karlsson, Anders Nordvist, Caroline Karlsson
Sustainability of exercise-induced increases in bone density and skeletal structure Magnus K. Karlsson, Anders Nordqvist, Caroline Karlsson
Physical activity, muscle function, falls and fractures Magnus K. Karlsson, Anders Nordqvist, Caroline Karlsson

Original Articles

Absorption, excretion, and retention of selenium from a high selenium yeast in men with a high intake of selenium Susanne Bügel, Erik H. Larsen, Jens J. Sloth, Knut Flytlie, Kim Overvad, Lars C. Steenberg, Sven Moesgaard
A two-year clinical lifestyle intervention program for weight loss in obesity Karin Andersson, Brita Karlström, Susanne Fredén, Helena Petersson, Margareta Öhrvall, Björn Zethelius
Calcium intake in elderly patients with hip fractures Karl Cho, Tommy Cederholm, Johan Lökk
Whole grain rye porridge breakfast improves satiety compared to refined wheat bread breakfast Hanna Isaksson, Birgitta Sundberg, Per Åman, Helena Fredriksson, Johan Olsson
Observed dietary intake in adults with intellectual disability living in the community Päivi Adolfsson, Ylva Mattsson Sydner, Christina Fjellström, Barbro Lewin, Agneta Andersson


Fatty acids in bovine milk fat Helena Lindmark Månsson