Volume 50 (2006)

Scandinavian Journal of Food & Nutrition

Number 0

Nafa 2006

Fatty acids and gene transcription Donald B. Jump, Daniela Botolin, Yun Wang, Jinghua Xu, Barbara Christian
Molecular mechanisms for biological endpoints of n-3 fatty acids Richard J. Deckelbaum, Chuchun Chang, Tilla S. Worgall, Toru Seo
Postprandial lipid metabolism Gabriele Riccardi, Lutgarda Bozzetto, Giovanni Annuzzi
The human intestinal microbiota and its relationship to energy balance Fredrik Bäckhed, Ruth E. Ley, Justin L. Sonnenburg, Jeffrey I Gordon

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Review Articles

Original Articles

Validation study of fatty acid consumption assessed with a short food frequency questionnaire against plasma concentration in middle-aged Japanese people Chiho Goto, Yuko Tokudome, Nahomi Imaeda, Kiyoshi Takekuma, Kiyonori Kuriki, Fukoyo Igarashi, Masato Ikeda, Shinkan Tokudome
Reorganization of a hospital catering system increases food intake in patients with inadequate intake Morten Freil, Michael Allerup Nielsen, Camilla Biltz, Rikke Gut, Bent Egberg Mikkelsen, Thomas Almdal


Reply: Breast-feeding and allergy Bengt Björkstén, Bo Lundbäck

Letters to the Editor

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Review Articles

The New Nutrition Science project Geoffrey Cannon, Claus Leitzmann

Original Articles

Weight concerns and beliefs about obesity in the Norwegian population Serena Tonstad, S. Anderssen, J. Khoury, L. Ose, J. Reseland, L. Retterstøl


Promoting breast-feeding with weak arguments Bengt Björkstén, Bo Lundbäck