Antibacterial activity of fresh pomegranate juice against clinical strains of Staphylococcus epidermidis Gabriel Betanzos-Cabrera, Perla Y. Montes-Rubio, Héctor E. Fabela-Illescas, Helen Miller-Belefant, Juan C. Cancino-Diaz
Nutrient intake of pregnant women at high risk of gestational diabetes Jelena Meinilä, Saila B. Koivusalo, Anita Valkama, Kristiina Rönö, Maijaliisa Erkkola, Hannu Kautiainen, Beata Stach-Lempinen, Johan Eriksson
Iron status of schoolchildren (6-15 years) and associated factors in rural Nigeria Rufina N.B. Ayogu, Adaobi M. Okafor, Henrietta N. Ene-Obong
Relative validity and reliability of a quantitative food frequency questionnaire for adults in Guam Rachael T. Leon Guerrero, Marie Chong, Rachel Novotny, Lynne R. Wilkens, Grazyna Badowski, Michelle Blas-Laguana, Suzanne Murphy
Lower serum magnesium concentration is associated with diabetes, insulin resistance, and obesity in South Asian and white Canadian women but not men Jesse Bertinato, Chao Wu Xiao, W. M. Nimal Ratnayake, Lois Fernandez, Christopher Lavergne, Carla Wood, Eleonora Swist
Role of vitamin B6 status on antioxidant defenses, glutathione, and related enzyme activities in mice with homocysteine-induced oxidative stress Cheng-Chin Hsu, Chien-Hsiang Cheng, Chin-Lin Hsu, Wan-Ju Lee, Shih-Chien Huang, Yi-Chia Huang
Effects of dietary tryptophan and phenylalaninetyrosine depletion on phasic alertness in healthy adults - A pilot study Patricia Hildebrand, Werner Königschulte, Tilman Jakob Gaber, Sarah Bubenzer-Busch, Katrin Helmbold, Caroline Sarah Biskup, Karl-Josef Langen, Gereon Rudolf Fink, Florian Daniel Zepf
Comparative validity of the ASSO - Food Frequency Questionnaire for the web-based assessment of food and nutrients intake in adolescents Garden Tabacchi, Anna Rita Filippi, João Breda, Laura Censi, Emanuele Amodio, Giuseppe Napoli, Antonino Bianco, Monèm Jemni, Alberto Firenze, Caterina Mammina
Nutrient density of beverages in relation to climate impact Annika Smedman, Helena Lindmark Månsson, Adam Drewnowski, Anna-Karin Modin Edman
Effect of the amount and type of dietary fat on cardiometabolic risk factors and risk of developing type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer: a systematic review Ursula Schwab, Lotte Lauritzen, Tine Tholstrup, Thorhallur I. Haldorsson, Ulf Riserus, Matti Uusitupa, Wulf Becker
The HEALTHGRAIN definition of ‘whole grain’ Jan Willem van der Kamp, Kaisa Poutanen, Chris J. Seal, David P. Richardson
Breakfast, midday meals and academic achievement in rural primary schools in Uganda: implications for education and school health policy Hedwig Acham, Joyce K. Kikafunda, Marian K. Malde, Wilna H. Oldewage-Theron, AbdulKadir A. Egal
Health effects of probiotics and prebiotics A literature review on human studies Henrik Andersson, Nils-Georg Asp, Åke Bruce, Stefan Roos, Torkel Wadström, Agnes E. Wold
Intake of selected nutrients from foods, from fortification and from supplements in various European countries Albert Flynn, Tero Hirvonen, Gert B. M. Mensink, Marga C. Ocké, Lluis Serra-Majem, Katarzyna Stos, Lucjan Szponar, Inge Tetens, Aida Turrini, Reg Fletcher, Tanja Wildemann


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